Geelli, Grace Toothbrush Holder in Dove Gray Gel, Monica Graffeo, GGR-BIC-C20

  Geelli Grace glass Toothbrush holder in Polyurethane Gel:- Toothbrush holder with sinuous and light lines. Simple but contemporary design- Entirely built in Polyurethane Gel. Soft and light. Color taupe - Even after being crushed it...
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Geelli Grace glass Toothbrush holder in Polyurethane Gel:
- Toothbrush holder with sinuous and light lines. Simple but contemporary design
- Entirely built in Polyurethane Gel. Soft and light. Color taupe Tortora
- Even after being crushed it returns to its initial shape
- Thanks to this material it does not damage the surfaces on which it is placed, such as Corian, Glass, Marble, Ceramics.
- Even if it falls, it bounces without damaging the surfaces on the ground. Perfect for those with wooden or marble floors.
- Useful as both a pen holder and a toothbrush holder
- Design by Monica Graffeo
- Made entirely in Italy

Grace is a new line of dispensers, toilet brush holders and toothbrush holders characterized by a slender and curved shape. The peculiarity of this new line is in the design and in the possibility of using these accessories in the countertop or suspended version, thanks to a ring made of rigid polyurethane that can be fixed to the wall.


The product is VISIBLE and can also be purchased at our Showroom: Crespi 1977 - via Magenta 48, Busto Arsizio (VA).


Type: Grace toothbrush holder glass in gel, soft to the touch;

Material: Polyurethane gel;

Category: Bathroom;

Color taupe

Designer: Monica Graffeo;

Diameter: 9 cm;

Depth: 9 cm;

Height: 12.5 cm.

Geelli - The Geelli collection takes shape from the experience, research and intuition of a company in the industrious North East of Italy, with 20 years of experience in the world of plastics: from rigid, flexible and integral polyurethane, to polyurethane gel. A reality where you can breathe an air of family and in which effective, original and positive solutions are sought every day, for the ever new needs of contemporary living. MADE IN ITALY Each piece of the geelli line is handcrafted and the processing steps are mostly carried out by hand, therefore any air bubbles present and small imperfections are not to be considered defects but confirm the uniqueness of the product and the process. CLEANING Use only water and neutral soap for cleaning. The use of aggressive detergents can deteriorate the material.

PRODUCTION - The production of Geelli accessories is artisanal:
each piece is made individually, with mostly manual techniques.

1) The polyurethane gel is poured into an aluminum mold.

2) After the time necessary for the gel to solidify, the form is extracted.

3) The product is finished by hand and carefully checked before being packaged.

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