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"Black on White": Each new day brings a reason to create and laugh, wake up to new things.   The product is VISIBLE and can also be purchased at our Showroom: Crespi 1977 - via...
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"Black on White": Each new day brings a reason to create and laugh, wake up to new things.


The product is VISIBLE and can also be purchased at our Showroom: Crespi 1977 - via Magenta 48, Busto Arsizio (VA).

Faced with the challenge of a blank page, three creatives were invited to embody their work for a carpet collection. A graphic and industrial designer, a painter, a writer and a gallery owner are the people behind the exclusive "Black on White" collection which displays personal visions of contemporary carpet design. The three rugs: Estambul, Limbo and Manuscrit share a common bond, the absence of color. The combination of black and white intensifies the identity of each piece. Each rug is a dichotomy, a horizontal canvas. A masterpiece under your feet.


Typology: Manuscrit Black on White carpet nanimarquina;

Description: Manuscrit carpet from the Black on White collection looks like a real manuscript, with simulated graphic writings. Hand-spun with loom and subsequently perforated with the technique of the "Tuft" (wool threads inserted one by one with a tool similar to a gun - 46,500 knots / m2), guarantees al high density and durability. Ideal for creating welcoming and comfortable environments;

Color: Black and white (as shown in the photo);

Height: 240 cm;

Width: 170 cm;

Material: 100% New Zealand Wool;

Designer: Joaquim Ruiz Millet.

PRODUCTION: Hand-spun kilim with loom and then perforated using the "Tuft" technique.

This technique requires a gun-like tool to pierce the fiber strands into a fabric previously stretched into a loom. To start the process, the threads are punched in the areas marked by the mapping (a template used to transfer the digital design to the carpet holder). Next, the protruding strands are cut and shaved to achieve the desired pile height. The design is shaped with scissors or a needle to correctly define the different areas of the motif. Once the pattern is defined, a layer of latex is applied to the back of the rug to ensure that the threads remain attached to the structure. To top it off, a layer of fabric is applied to act as a lining, offering a quality finish. This technique allows for curvilinear shapes, different pile heights, as well as the application of different colors within the same carpet. High density and durability are guaranteed.

MATERIAL: Fibers with 100% New Zealand Wool.

Coming from New Zealand sheep, this quality wool is guaranteed in absolute safety as the sheep have been treated with care throughout the entire wool extraction process. Traditionally, wool is the most used material for rugs. By presenting key characteristics, wool offers quality, flexibility and is 100% biodegradable. It is hypoallergenic, easy to care for and ages well. In addition to being considered an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, it regulates humidity naturally and spontaneously

NANIMARQUINA- "I wanted to design visually striking rugs to please people."

The design is infused in the essence of nanimarquina, and thanks to this we have been able to achieve our goal: to create rugs that convey emotions and make us feel good. Driven by a passion for design and thanks to a long history in private and public projects, nanimarquina has become an international reference in contemporary carpets and interior design. “We understand the carpet as the soul of a space”: The textures, colors and shapes of the nanimarquina try to improve people's well-being. 

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